Bumper Sticker Ad How To

Bumper Sticker Ad HOW-TO

Find out how you can start getting cash in 8 simple steps.

1. Give us information of your car and your daily travel routes.
2. If your car is suitable to the advertiser, we will invite you to take the sticker ad.
3. Once invited, a refundable payment of $50 will be added to your Shopping Cart. Make payment with your credit card or paypal account to reserve the Ad.
4. You will receive an “Allocation Email”. Bring this to our designated sticker installer at Ubi Industrial Park (opening hours 10am to 8pm) and they will install the sticker on your car for you. The installation process will take only 5 minutes.
5. After you complete installing the sticker and uploaded the picture to the Sponsor's FB wall, the $50 will be refunded to your credit card account. However, if you fail to install the sticker after you make the $50 reservation payment within 2 months, no refund will be made to you because the money would have gone into making the sticker based on your reservation.
6. Take a picture of your car with the sticker and upload it to the Sponsor's Facebook page. This will be the first day of the sticker period.
7. At the end of the sticker period, take a picture of your car with the sticker and a copy of the daily newspaper next to it, and upload it to the ShareTransport.sg sticker verification page.
8. You will receive payment by cheque by the 15th of the following month.