Car/Taxi Pool FAQ

Legal (Updated on 16 January 2014)

What is carpooling and what is providing a transport service that requires a licence?

Carpooling is when:

1. You are “on the way”.
You should not be going out of your way to give someone a ride just to “earn” the carpooling payment that your passengers would be you.

2. You are not profiting
The principle is ‘cost-sharing’. You should not be making a profit from the payment from your passengers. The idea is that you would be incurring extra costs when giving someone a ride, such as in additional petrol and wear and tear on the brakes, suspension and tires, and you are just recovering these costs.

3. You are not doing it full time.
You should have a job and not depend on the carpooling fee as your main source of income.

4. You are giving a ride to someone you know
You cannot offer rides to strangers on the streets! That is why there are many social tools at You should get to know the people whom you are keen to carpool with, and use our “Add Friends” tool to add them as friends before offering rides in your cars.

What about the car driver’s insurance?
There are many types of motor insurance and vehicles. Drivers should check with their insurance provider that they have all the necessary insurance to operate a motor vehicle, to cover bodily injury to all the occupants in the vehicle, and to carpooling.
Please read our Terms and Conditions

Do I have to pay taxes for the payment I receive from carpooling?
At, the payment is one of cost-sharing amongst friends, colleagues and neighbours. As such, it should not be considered "income" and would not be subject to income tax. However, you should check with your income tax consultant if you are unsure about your personal situation.


Is it dangerous to carpool?
For safety, you should not get into a car with strangers. Use our social tools to get to know someone really well first before adding them as friends in your ShareTransport network.

As carpool arrangements are likely to be between people who live and work close to each other, you should arrange to meet up at a public place at least once before the carpooling takes place. You should be comfortable with each other before committing to carpooling.

You should not get into a car if anybody in the carpool makes you uncomfortable. does not vouch for any of our users. You should exercise your own care and discretion in who you carpool with.

What is Ad Hoc Car and Taxi pooling?
This is for people who can’t commit to long term car or taxi pooling. You should add as many friends as possible who live, work or study near you. As and when you need to car or taxi pool, you can use our website or app to “Post Single Trip” and locate your friends to share a ride!

Taxi Pool

How does it work?
If you cannot find a driver to offer you a carpool ride, you might want to look for another person who has the same route requirements as you to share a taxi. Once you find suitable people, you should add them as friends. Once they are your ShareTransport friends, you will be able to detect them from our app if they are nearby. You can then message them (via our app) to suggest to share a taxi.
You should add as many people who live, work or study near you as friends, so that your chances of finding someone to taxipool with at any one time is high.

You should add as many people who live, work or study near you as friends, so that your chances of finding someone to taxipool with at any one time is high.

Taxipool Payment

Does provide a payment service for taxipool?
No. You should split the taxi-fare right there in the cab.

How should we split the cab-fare when some alight before the others?
Agree at the start of the trip. would like to establish this rule: That the people who alight first should pay a slight premium on top of their share to those alighting later. You can do this by rounding up your share.

For example, if 3 people shared a taxi ride and the taxi arrives at the first destination at a meter fare of $12.50, the first person’s share is $12.50 divide by 3 = $4.16. Round up to the nearest dollar would give you $5. So the first person should pay $5 for the privilege of alighting first.

Let’s say by the time the taxi arrives at the 2nd station that the fare is $13.20. The second person’s share is $13.20 divide by 3 = $4.40. Rounded up to the nearest dollar would again be $5. He should give $5 to the last person in the taxi.

And let’s say by the time the taxi arrives at the last stop that the fare is $14.30. The last person would have collected $10 from the first two people, and he would have to fork out another $4.30 to complete the fare.

Managing a Carpool Relationship

What if I don’t like my Passenger/Driver?
You should have a face-to-face meeting before deciding to accept a long term carpool passenger. Ask to see each other’s Identity Card to ascertain the identity and address.

If you find that you cannot get along with your Passenger/Driver, just tell the other person. Don’t suffer in silence and seethe in anger. It is not safe to drive that way.

How should I pay the driver after we have decided to part ways?
Wait for the alert from and just pay as you would normally. We would process the payment normally. It simply means that you would no longer be paying this particular driver because he would not be ‘cost-sharing’ with you for any more trips as you would not be accepting trips from him.