General FAQs


Who is
We are a transportation pooling platform offering web-based and mobile app solutions for commuters in Singapore. ShareTransport is a subsidiary of Commute Solutions Group.

How does ShareTransport generate revenue?
Currently, we operate individual and corporate Buspooling services. Later on, we may be introducing deals for partner drivers and advertisers on the website.

My Profile

Can I refuse to put up my actual photo and description?
Yes, of course, it's up to you. But the more information you put up about yourself, the greater the level of comfort that other members in our community would have in sharing routes with fellow ShareTransporters.

Will you use my photo or description in any way?
Absolutely not. We will not sell your information nor use it to advertise our services in any way.

My Account

I want to delete my account.
Please drop us an email at for your request.

I don't want to delete my account, but I don't want to receive some of your emails
You can change the email subscription settings you receive at the Account Settings link.

I want to change my userid and password.
You can also do it at the Account Settings link.

Buspooling FAQs

What it is:

BusPooling is about enabling you and those who live and work near you, to share a private hire bus to and from work.
We would be able to make this happen when we discover a large number of users who live and work in the same vicinity. Bus capacity can range from 13 seaters to 44 seaters.

How routes are set up:

"Indicate Regular Route"
Click on this link on the left column to indicate the bus route that you need. Once we discover enough demand for a route, we will coordinate for a bus to offer the route. The routes will be put up under the link "Seats for Sale".

"Seats for sale"
You can see the list of buses our trusted bus partners operate here. Some of the buses have already started running, but others are still waiting for the minimum number to be filled.

This is because the people who indicated that they are interested in the routes may not end up buying a seat. Without the minimum number, it would not be financially feasible for us to run the bus. So please wait and we will inform everyone on the waiting list once the bus route is ready to start.

Once you purchase a seat, we will send your details over to the trusted bus companies partners that we work with, and they will contact you directly.

Please note that we only act as a ticket agent for these companies. For any service issues, please liaise with them directly after you are have started with them.

"Gather people"
Are you currently running a buspool? If you are, and you have empty seats, you can list here and try and get more passengers! It's a completely free service from us.


The bus tickets range from $85 to $150 per month. Costs vary due to bus capacity; we are able to charge a lower rate for larger buses such as 40-seaters. Smaller buses are usually more premium and take a faster time to reach the destination, hence tickets will be slightly higher for the comfort and time savings.

To encourage customer loyalty, our monthly bus passes give you more savings than daily passes. But do feel free to try out our daily passes to see if you enjoy our service before committing by month.

Please check out "Bus seats for sale" for the pricing of each route.

Payment, refunds and cancellation:

Payment is to be made through online on our website or mobile app. We do not accept any cash transactions.

Should you decide to withdraw your ticket before the bus commence from a pre-book status to active now, you will be eligible for a full refund. Please note that no refund will be made should you fail to show up for the bus, such as if you are sick or if you have taken leave.

Daily Pass:
Please note that should you decide to cancel your daily pass less than 5 days before travelling date, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Bus reliability:

We only partner with trusted bus operators that we have worked with and developed positive relationships over the past few years.

However, do note that there may be slight possibility of days when the assigned driver falls ill or the bus requires servicing. We will endeavour to arrange for an alternative bus/driver, but if that is not possible, we would inform you at the earliest possible opportunity so that you can make your own transportation arrangements for that day. Refunds will then be made accordingly.

Exclusive buspool charters:

If you are planning regular transportation for corporate events, or for a group or handful of employees in your company to share a bus to/from work daily, drop us a line at, and quote ‘ShareXpress’.

We would love to customize a monthly charter for your company either by providing you a dedicated bus, or work out a corporate buspooling solution for you! Contact us today!

Other FAQs

Does ShareTransport own the buses?
We operate a fleet of owned and hired buses.

Are your buses licensed?
Yes, we check that all our partner bus operators are licensed transport companies and that all the drivers have the vocational driving license (similar to the ones displayed by taxi drivers). You can request to see the license from the bus driver.

Are the buses insured?
Yes, it is a requirement for all commercial bus operators to have insurance for all the passengers on board. This makes it much safer than the typical ride-sharing services.

Can I request another pickup/alighting point?
No, the routes are fixed upon booking but let us know how we can help so that we can keep your request in mind when there is an opportunity for us to adjust the routes.

Why do I have to buy a seat first to reserve even when the bus is not on?
This would help us to determine the number of confirmed passengers (rather than those who only have a slight interest) so that we can operate a bus service that is sustainable within the shortest time period. We seek your kind understanding in this very competitive business climate. Kindly be assured that you will be fully refunded if the service does not take off.

Do I have to purchase a seat for my child or can he/she sit on my lap?
All passengers need to have their own bus ticket as they will be assigned their own seat. Children are not advised to sit on their parents’ laps for their own safety considerations, and in view of traffic regulations.

Can I select a specific seat?
No, the seats are for general seating on a first come first served basis.

Can I eat on the bus?
For the comfort of all passengers, no eating is allowed.