ShareTransport Buspool Services Resumes

ShareTransport Buspool Services Resumes

May 20th, 2020 | NEWS  

We’re happy to announce that your favorite buspool routes are ready for your booking! It is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Remember to tap on your credits/promo codes during the “Checkout Summary” page to utilize them (if any)

Please note that bus services will resume operation from 2nd June 2020 subject to a minimum number of capacity reachedPlease make your booking for June monthly and daily bus passes from now till 29th May 2020.

You will also be informed via email and App notification on 30th May 2020 before 3pm if your selected bus route has reached the minimum capacity to commence.

In the case where your route does not meet the minimum capacity to operate, your purchased passes will be automatically converted accordingly as follows:

Monthly Pass - converted to an equal value voucher for use until 31 December 2020

Daily Pass - converted to credits for use until 31 August 2020


Measures Taken By ShareTransport And Our Bus Operators

To ensure ALL our passengers have a smooth and safe journey, ShareTransport has also stepped up and implemented the following measures:

  • All seating capacity in the buses are reduced in order for passengers to maintain a safe distance from others throughout the journey

  • All drivers are required to take their temperature before the start of their trips to ensure they are well

  • Our drivers are also reminded to clean and sanitize the seats and high contact points e.g. holding bars after every trip

  • Every bus will be equipped with hand sanitizers for passengers use


Be A Socially Responsible Passenger

As we adopt to the new normal and comply with government regulations and advisories, we seek your cooperation on the following:

  • ALL Passengers are required to wear a mask and maintain good hygiene throughout the bus journey

  • Refrain from talking loudly to one another or on your phone

  • Please avoid commuting if you are feeling unwell

  • Please help us to maintain a clean and comfortable journey for everyone onboard by not littering or eating in the bus.


We look forward to serving you in the coming weeks.