Can Bus pooling be alternative for your commute in Singapore?

Can Bus pooling be alternative for your commute in Singapore?

March 24th, 2020 | NEWS  

In recent times, especially for the fighting measures of COVID-19, the government has been emphasizing the needs of social distancing. 

Every workday, millions in Singapore use trains and buses to get to their destinations. 

Measures soon leading to transportation

From a big list of containment measures ranging from border closures, entertainment center closures and social distancing measures on food and amenities centers, it seems there's still one area of the crowd that has yet to be addressed, which is public transport.


Will social distancing be implemented on public transport? It may somehow seem like a tall order now as there are quite a lot of various factors to be considered and many parties would have to chip into initiatives such as staggered work hours, alternative work location arrangements, etc. 

Less Crowded Transport in Singapore?

If you are looking for a less crowded commute, alternative transport such as bus pooling may prove to be of great help!


Consider your daily commute option with these 5 facts about bus-pooling which may benefit you if you prefer a less crowded commute : 


1.Seats are guaranteed


Forget about the sardine-packed buses and trains in the morning that makes you out of breath.

You have a seat and ample space for yourself.  




2.Clean, clean and clean



We've stepped up the regime of sanitization and also, most of our buses now come with a hand sanitizer for all our commuters.

Read more about it here.


3.Reduced point of contact


A one-stop convenient platform to select your bus service, purchase your bus passes and track your bus.

Our friendly drivers will know where to pick you and drop you off.


4.Less Movement of People


You don't have to worry about the "Jurong East Interchange" transfer.

We send you to your destination without needing to change from vehicles to vehicles, we dread that. 


5.Flexibility in travel passes



Just like you this, some of us are currently working on a rotational basis in the midst of a business continuity plan, fret not, we've got you covered with the flexible selection of passes. 

Be it a daily pass or a monthly pass holder, each has its perks. We'll share more with you in our next articles. 

Here's how to get you started

A. Download the ShareTransport App.

Link here:  

B. Select a route from your estate or heartlands (e.g. woodlands, Sengkang, Jurong West)

C. Make a booking and ride with us to work.

Let us all stand together in the belief that we'll get through this together.


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