Direct Bus Service WA1 from Woodlands Ave 7 to Pasir Panjang Rd

Direct Bus Service WA1 from Woodlands Ave 7 to Pasir Panjang Rd

October 22nd, 2018 | ST NEWS  

WA1 serves residents staying in the far north along Woodlands Ave 7,4 & 2.

This bus service is the best for commuters who dreads the long train rides in the early morning. (Like me)

This bus service guarantees any commuters a seat on-demand up to 24 hours before service start time. By choosing your preferred pickup points close to your housing estate and your drop off point.

Results? Your morning commute in Singapore a breeze without a squeeze.

Commuters can choose to book a day pass or a monthly season pass.

Whats more?

Those who are working along Pasir Panjang Rd such as Harbourside industrial building, Mapletree Business City and Alexandra Point will have their travelling time reduced from 1hr 10 mins to 50 minutes.

Pickup starts from 0720 hrs:

Pickup Stops (More available in App here):

WA1 (AM) : Woodlands Ave 7 to Mapletree Business City

Pickup Timing

Bus Stop Description

0720 hrs

Opp Woodsvale Condo, Woodlands Ave 7

0724 hrs

Roadside Pickup along Blk 786E, Woodlands Dr 60

0727 hrs

Blk 743, Woodlands Circle

0730 hrs

Opp 888 Plaza, Woodlands Ave 4

0732 hrs

Outside Woodlands Pr Sch

0736 hrs

Blk 511, Woodlands Ave 2

0738 hrs

Innova JC


Dropoff at a glance:

WA1 (AM) : Drop off along Pasir Panjang Rd & Alexandra Rd

Arrival Timing

Bus Stop Description

0810 hrs

WhiteHaven, Pasir Panjang Rd

0815 hrs

Outside Haw Par Villa Stn

0819 hrs

Outside Harbourside Ind Bldg 2

0820 hrs

Outside Mapletree Business City

0821 hrs

PSA Building

0823 hrs

NOL Building

0824 hrs

Alexandra Point


This bus route is operational from Mon – Fridays (excl P.H)

Doesn’t suit you? Fret not, view other routes, here.

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