[PRICE ALERT] Now $99 for a Monthly Season Bus Pass to Work?

[PRICE ALERT] Now $99 for a Monthly Season Bus Pass to Work?

January 26th, 2018 | NEWS RELEASE  

ShareTransport will be reducing the price of all monthly bus pass starting from 1st February 2018.


You now enjoy more savings up to $30 dollars a month*! 

A revised monthly bus pass now costs $90 - $99 (up. $120) On a typical work month of 22 days; a ride will now cost not more than $4!


Here are 3 examples of how you can utilize the savings of $30


1. Pamper yourself with a great breakfast before work.




2. Buy your kids $30 worth of candies? 



Friendly Disclaimer: We do not cover dental fees


3. Well, those elements won’t affect you anymore, which may cost you $30. 

(e.g. Unplanned Taxi Rides)



While there’s more reason to bus pool which includes contributing to a lesser carbon footprint, we would like to invite everyone to hop on a bus pool. 


With as little as $4/day, you get a direct door to door service with guaranteed seats straight to your offices!


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