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Select your preferred route from home to
work from a wide range of options.

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2. Purchase

Purchase your bus pass anywhere!
In the comfort of your home or even on-the-go.

Ride With Ease And Comfort

3. Ride

You are on your direct way to work.
Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

What is buspooling?

Discover your direct transport to your workplace.
Here’s ShareTransport #buspool, where you suggest your route for us
to plan and run the route for you and other commuters travelling towards a common destination.

Riding with ShareTransport

  • Direct

    Absolutely no transfers needed! Sit back and relax on the entire journey to work once you board our ShareTransport bus.

  • Beat The Crowd

    Don’t be one of the sardines! No more squeezy train rides with guaranteed seats!

  • Seamless

    Purchasing your monthly or daily bus pass on our user-friendly ShareTransport mobile app is a breeze.

  • Track Your Bus

    Never worry about missing your bus through our real-time tracking service available via the app.

  • Go Green

    Help our environment by leaving your car aside and taking a buspool!

  • Crowd Sourced

    The success of our ShareTransport buspooling algorithm is made possible by the kind contributions of preferred bus routes from all our users. You make this happen!

Search Route

About us

Are you well served by public transport? Looking for more connectivity options? Learn more and explore alternatives to allow you to commute seamlessly to your workplace. Minimize walking and transfers – ShareTransport lets you commute direct!


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