About us

The single largest available capacity in transport today, in our view, is in the 550,000 passenger cars on the roads. If you observe these cars during peak hours, you will notice that a large number of them have only one person in them, the driver.

If we could get drivers to offer rides in their cars, it would help tremendously with the crowded public transport system.

The second largest available capacity, again in our view, is in all the taxis with single passengers. Just wait at a large office building complex during the morning peak hours, and you will see streams of taxis coming in and dropping off solitary passengers. It's to be expected. How are the passenger going to find another person to share the taxi with?

The third area of additional capacity comes from private buses. Many are not utilised efficiently, and also more can be deployed to ferry workers during the peak hours.

So we created ShareTransport.sg.

Here, you can find or offer carpool rides, find others to share taxis with or buy a seat in one of our "buspool" rides.

Through all this pooling, we hope to create a fun and social environment for our users to solve a basic problem in their lives, as well as to make some really cool friends who live and work nearby. And, oh yes, you'll also be friendly to the environment and help ease the congestion and crowdedness in Singapore!