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ShareTransport.sg is a division of Commute Solutions Group Pte Ltd.

Sharing Transport

Are you well served by public transport? If not, explore these various alternatives.


Fill in your “regular route” information in your profile page. When we see that many of our users have the same requirements, we will charter a bus to run the route.


More and more drivers are offering carpool rides on ShareTransport.sg since the LTA announced new laws that enable the drivers to be paid (read the article here).

So, if you are a driver, offer a ride today and defray your vehicle costs. You will be making positive contribution to the environment and your community.

If you need a ride, consider carpooling. The cost would be higher than public transport, and would be much lower than taking the taxi.


Another option is to connect with the people who live and work near you and suggest to share a taxi instead. If you are able to find someone to share with regularly, you will achieve tremendous savings in your taxi expenditure.