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New buspool route!

We are planning a new bus from Choa Chu Kang to Anson Road/Suntec City. The rates are $90 per month per person.

We are currently planning for a 40 seater bus. However, depend..

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Link: e/details/48

  • 27 Nov 14 10:18 AM 7

Charlotte Tan Possible to drop at jln sultan/keypoint?

16 Dec 14 7:40 PM

Sally Salinah Hi..possible frm choa chu kang drop off at assumption pathway school for my daughter?

11 Dec 14 11:22 PM

Share other things besides Transport with your neighbours.

Our sister website, allows users to share other things with their neighbours. Starting this month, there is an initiative..

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  • 16 Oct 14 3:00 PM

LTA supports carpooling. was covered extensively in today's Straits Times.

A spokesman from the LTA came out in support of carpooling, saying "The LTA is supportive of carpool..

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  • 28 Nov 13 6:06 PM

Are you car pooling?

We now have over 15,000 registered members on the website and about 1,000 messages are exchanged every month. There are a total of 5,000 friend connections here! So we are very..

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  • 25 Oct 13 3:59 PM 1

Daisy Jacobs Dear Sir's I have been taking Taxis to work for the past year maybe more I can't afford it that is w..
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10 Apr 14 11:12 AM

Volunteer to help the mobility impaired.

We would like to introduce Ecommuter MI, an innovative mobile system that lets drivers volunteer to help the mobility impaired living near them to go for ..

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Link: 97

  • 25 Jul 13 1:28 PM

Are you an existing buspool operator? Or are you a passenger in a buspool that has empty seats?

If so, please contact us at 6270 1318 or We would like to partner you to sel..

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  • 11 Jul 13 4:08 PM

Haze Coping

Dear users, we are doing our part to help with the haze:

If you are a car driver, do offer rides in your car to others near you, even if the route is not optimal for you, just to hel..

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  • 21 Jun 13 1:03 PM

New buses from Bedok and Marine Parade to Alexandra!

Check out our new buses in the links below. Having started with buses in the west, we are glad to bring you buses from the east now.

  • 13 Jun 13 5:06 PM

Lots of bus seats and more “Gold Service” seats available!

There has been a few drop offs in our bus passengers recently so there are now bus seats in almost all our services. What’s the reason fo..

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Link: e

  • 2 May 13 4:08 PM 1

Ekwek any route from Tanah Merah to AMK Street 65?

17 May 13 10:50 AM

Premium buses with only a few passengers!

Currently, we are using 13 seater buses for our buspool services and we need to sell at least 12 seats for a bus to start.

But some of you have been tel..

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Link: e/details/51

  • 18 Apr 13 4:21 PM 4

Cecilia Deng Need daily weekdays morning transport from Woodlands to Siglap Link

27 Dec 14 9:58 PM

Kamzy Pasis Ris to Thomson Road?

17 Dec 14 10:23 AM

Our first night route!

After one year, we finally may have enough people who leave work at the same time, and who live around the same place, to form the first night bus!

Check out our first ni..

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Link: e/details/47

  • 21 Mar 13 7:03 PM 6

Nora Rahman Hi, any bus/van carpool from Jln Kayu to Pasir Panjang.

13 Dec 14 10:44 AM

Sneha Rao yes i am keen - pasir ris to maple tree business city

7 Nov 14 2:25 PM

More communities forming!

More and more companies are contacting us to create special community pages for them. Click on the "Communities" link on the left column to see who they are. Sometimes the..

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  • 7 Mar 13 11:32 AM

New buspooling providers!

Since we started our buspooling services last year, we’ve been the ones planning the routes and arranging the buses.

Starting this month, we will be partnering with ot..

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Link: e/details/48

  • 21 Feb 13 5:47 PM 1

cK12 Hope to have mine soon!

7 Mar 13 8:34 PM

Share Transport to Malaysia!

In response to feedback, we are setting up a wall for users who are traveling to Malaysia to find each other to share transport. It seems a lot of Malaysians work in Si..

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Link: trips

  • 24 Jan 13 3:33 PM

COE prices hits all time high for small cars, and it’s going to get worse.

The COE for small cars has hit S$92,000. There is not going to be any respite because the allowable growth in car populati..

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  • 10 Jan 13 3:12 PM

What’s up in 2013?

Our company is called Estatebuzz Pte Ltd, and is the first website that we have launched. Next year, we will be launching more websites that are targeted at the..

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  • 14 Dec 12 12:00 PM 7

Ctaisah Where do I see th message box?

5 Jun 13 6:23 PM

Nadiya12 Hi, I'm Looking for car pool from Chua Chu Kang to Loyang weekdays from 0630 - 0730

9 Jan 13 8:13 AM

10,000 registered users!

Since our launch in March this year, we have gathered 10,000 registered users. That works out to about 1,200 users a month, or about 40 a day. There has been over 3,000 dow..

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  • 29 Nov 12 11:34 AM

Communities rising!

This week, people who work in the Treasury and MICA buildings in the Hill Street/High Street area started registering in our “Treasury Building” community page. So far none have..

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  • 22 Nov 12 11:56 AM 1

abdul salim I'm interested in buspool services to mica building. 86130540. Salim

21 Feb 14 8:41 AM

Add friends from the same estate!

If you see someone who lives near you at, you might want to add him or her as ‘friend’. If you do so, you would have these benefits:

1. You wo..

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  • 15 Nov 12 12:18 PM

Launch of our Community Module!

Would you like a dedicated set of pages at for the people in your organization to meet and share transport? If so, email us at info@sharetransport...

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Link: unities

  • 8 Nov 12 12:08 PM 2 Hi Serene, please click on "Request new route" in the left column and key in your request there. If ..
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12 Nov 12 10:10 AM

SERENE CHIA Dear Sir / Madam

Would appreciate if you can arrange Bus Pool from woodlands to River Valley and ..
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8 Nov 12 1:54 PM

ERP charges are going up again during peak hours.

Click on the link below to go to the LTA website for the details. For two of the gantries, the rate goes up to $5 during the periods 8.30am to 9am..

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Link: x?c=2&id=8da2d..

  • 30 Oct 12 12:39 PM

Our 9th bus has started running!

This one goes from Simei/Katong to International Business Park in Jurong East. It is driven by 36 year old Farid from IndoLimo (in the picture below).

Farid is ..

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  • 16 Oct 12 11:23 AM 13

Basha444 I am interested in taking this service. How do we sign up/organise to use the service please? i sta..
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4 Dec 13 4:54 PM

sharetransport Is there an update about how we can contact the driver for this route please? Thanks.

29 Apr 13 10:47 AM

Our 8th bus has started running!

This one is from Woodlands to Pasir Panjang, Bukit Merah and Harbourfront. There are still two seats left if anyone is interested. You can click on the link below t..

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Link: e/details/30

  • 12 Oct 12 12:43 PM 2

Nora Rahman Hi, I need bus/van carpool frm Jln Kayu to Pasir Panjang.

13 Dec 14 10:46 AM

Teresa hi, any route (mon-friday) from cck/yew tee to tan boon liat building? tks

2 Nov 12 9:01 AM

Put up a picture of your car!

If you drive and you are offering carpool rides, put up a picture of yourself and your car. You are likely to get a lot more responses that way. A picture of your car ..

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  • 10 Oct 12 5:10 PM

Pay until legs wobble!

The price of petrol has gone up so much that petrol costs for a typical car could amount to $300 to $500 a month!

Offer carpool rides to recover some of that!

  • 4 Oct 12 5:10 PM

Recover up to $600 per month offering carpool rides!

$600 a month is a lot of money. It will take care of your petrol, parking, ERP, and a part of your installment costs. Plus, you can think of you..

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  • 2 Oct 12 6:43 PM

We are a consumption driven society

It’s all we talk about in our social gatherings: what car to buy, what house to upgrade to, what holidays to go on, which restaurants to try.

There’s nothing..

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  • 19 Sep 12 12:13 PM

High cost of car ownership in Singapore

See the table in the attached picture. Most people have to spend about $1,500 to $2,000 a month on their cars. For many families, this is the single largest ..

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  • 17 Sep 12 4:26 PM

Mobilizing 550,000 passenger cars to help solve public transport woes.

What’s missing from our national conversation about transport is carpooling. There are 550,000 passenger cars in Singapore, an..

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  • 11 Sep 12 11:43 AM

Our 7th minibus has started running!

This one is from Bukit Panjang to Fusionopolis and Mapletree Business City. It is driven by Uncle Kenny Soon, the boss of Jovial Limo. The bus starts at 7.30am ..

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Link: e/details/25

  • 10 Aug 12 12:01 PM 1

Alameloo Hi! My name is Prema. I'm staying in Bukit Batok West Ave 6. I have a child 2yrs and myself need to ..
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7 Apr 13 5:37 PM