Evening Buspool Introductory of $65 successfully ended!

Evening Buspool Introductory of $65 successfully ended!

August 16th, 2018 | PROMO  

To all our commuters who have been travelling with us on a ShareTransport Evening buspool since our launch of our 5 new evening buspool services months back. We've received much response and we're gearing up for more! \

We would like to thank you for making this happen! We are happy to launch these evening routes to help our commuters enjoy their way home during the rush hour. 

Coming September 1st and September pass renewal, monthly pass price promo will cease and price will be adjusted to our original price at $80 ($3.60/day). Please look out for the new price during the renewal period (20th - 25th August 2018). 

Auto-renewal users will take effect the new price on 20th August 2018. Please feel free to approach us should you have any enquiries on automated monthly bus pass renewal.

What’s new? 

We’ll be introducing “Buy more, Save more” bulk purchase rebate program for evening bus passes w.e.f 1st September 2018!

About Book more save more

ShareTransport will be rewarding users who commit to multiple daily passes! Rebates will be given based on the number of passes. Stay tuned to our next post later in the week on the book more save more program!

ShareTransort Book More, Save More

Stay tuned for the app update coming your way in 24 hours!